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Right from the registration at a university through to the end of a student’s tenure they are bombarded with forms, we estimate that in a student journey they will come into contact with over 50 types of forms to be completed.

Each forms needs the students’ name and key data.

These forms are often pieces of paper which are easily lost or forgotten in their life-cycle around the University campus seeking approval from multiple sources before ending up with an administration office for processing.

Many forms have deadlines, are time sensitive and frustratingly have to be re-completed because they are lost.

Casper365 has developed a suite of Apps that can be customised to your college / University to overcome these issues.

Casper365 for Education
Splash Screen detects users credentials while loading forms – customised to your own brand
A Live news feed taken from a SharePoint List shows students the latest news and updates on requirements for college day 1
Alerts section highlights any traffic delays, weather warning or issues for arriving on site
Fresher Forms is a range of forms to be completed to gather student information such as A Level results
The list of forms to be completed – each section is ticked when complete to show progress
PowerApps - SharePoint Online & The Power Platform
PowerPlatform - Business Applications SharePoint PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Casper365 for Education Connector

Casper365 for Education connector has been designed to grant PowerApps and Flow access to secured student-related information. It surfaces information stored in SharePoint or other data location and accessed via an API within PowerApps.

Casper365 for Education connector to Sharepoint online in Microsoft Flow

The Casper365 for Education connector allows education automation using Microsoft Flow, or PowerApps.

Establishing Flows using the connector is fast and straightforward. A PowerApp could be setup using Casper365 for Education to allow students to fill out an application, which then uses Flow to notify the corresponding tutor, while simultaneously creating a form in SharePoint for this application to be managed.

Once the approval has been completed in Sharepoint an additional Flow could be setup using the connector to notify the student of the outcome of his or her application and send the appropriate correspondence.

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