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What is Casper365?

Casper365 is a cloud platform provisioning solution that completely automates the deployment of artefacts, tools and solutions directly into your SharePoint and Office 365 tenancies.

Casper365 automates and simplifies common SharePoint admin tasks, like the deployment of new site collections, the configuration of user permissions, and reporting on audit data. You can also iterate tools, solutions and processes over multiple Office 365 tenancies, providing exceptional control, security, and insights.

Casper365 gives you the tools to simplify SharePoint administration, giving you more time to focus on the business activities that drive revenue.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Simplified compliance – granular permissions, click trails, access control, single pane of glass overview. Automatically generate in depth auditing and compliance reports based on user behaviour – realtime dashboards and pre-defined reports.

Leverage Current Spend

Leverage your existing spend and the technology you’ve already invested in by using services and products that are built on Office 365, with Office 365, and for Office 365.

Skills on Demand

Expert technical skills available on a pay as you go basis means that you only pay for expertise when you actually need it.

Built for Office 365

The Casper365 platform, tools and services are built on Office 365, with Office 365, and for Office 365, for seamless integration into your Office 365 environment and an intuitive user experience.

In Depth Auditing

With Casper365 reports, you can go back further than the standard 180 day window. – archiving combined with enhanced security features – after employees have left etc. Two-way data collection and behaviour monitoring to detect anomalous behaviour.

Instant Deployment

Save time and money with the automation of time consuming SharePoint admin processes, and one-click deployment of site templates.
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