Casper365 is a cloud platform provisioning solution that completely automates the deployment of your SharePoint solutions directly into Office 365, speeding up your migrations, reducing your IT bottlenecks and helping your teams work smarter.



Fully backed by an experienced SharePoint support team

User Control

Delegate access allowing users to create the exact sites needed

Self Service

Users can click to deploy. No more IT support tickets to create a project site

Time- Saving

Deploy up to 60 times quicker. Fast, efficient and right every time


Same site every time. Consistent and compliant

Complex Solutions

Deployed with ease. No matter how complex the solution

Fast, simple tools helping you and your teams leverage the Clouds full potential


Looking for templates? Choose our pre-configured and ready to use SharePoint Online templates from the Casper365 SharePoint, Teams or solution templates catalogue. Subscribe, delegate user permissions and then sit back and let the business use self service to create their own SharePoint sites, Teams sites or solutions without any intervention from IT (approvals process available if you prefer).

Create - Deploy

Already have a SharePoint template design and want to create a reusable template? We will simply create your template for Casper365. Once created and tested the SharePoint template is added to your bespoke Casper365 solution catalogue and your users can deploy it immediately.

Design - Create - Deploy

Want a bespoke solution? Let us know what you need and we will help to design a SharePoint template to suit your exact needs. Our highly skilled SharePoint & Office 365 team will help you design the right SharePoint template that fits your organisations needs.
This can be used for one off deployments as well as repeat SharePoint Online provisioning templates.

Backups – Migrations – Replication – Compliance – Scanning – Import – Export Divestment – Intelligent Merge – Synchronisation – Reports

Infinite possibilities

Get started with ready-to-deploy products

Need some more information?

The Casper365 team are ready to help you