Empowering Business Users

Casper365 was designed for Business Users.  When you need a site, you need it now!

Allowing business users to be pre-authorised to create template driven sites means you get;

– Consistent site look and feel

– Content owners taking responsibility for site creation

– Fast and friction fee site creation

To empower business users we need your Office 365 administrator to allow you to create the sites.

You’re nearly there…

We just need to get permission to add things to your Office 365 tenancy – its a governance thing.

Just like when you add an app to your mobile phone – to be able to create sites in your Office 365 tenancy we will need permissions to do this for you. Your organisation will have a Global Administrator role, typically this is an IT function, a user with this role will need to approve the use of Casper365 for you.

Please complete the registration form to give us a few details of the people we need to contact to get his all sorted for you.

Business User Registration