Migrating your SharePoint sites from on premise to the Cloud is easy with Casper365, the only online platform to support all the complex requirements of any migration to SharePoint Online. 

SharePoint Online Provisioning with Casper365

High speed cloud migration platform

Migrating your SharePoint sites from on premise to the cloud is easy with Casper365, the only online platform to support all the complex requirements of any migration to SharePoint Online. This high-speed cloud platform will manage your cloud migration from start to finish, allowing you to maintain your business continuity.

With Caper365 Migration you can:

  • Migrate from file storage, OneDrive or SAN to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate data from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online
  • Plan your migrations ahead of time, on a schedule
  • Create or migrate metadata prior to migration
  • Apply sensitivity labels to your data on import
  • Migrate between Office 365 tenants
  • Automated Office 365 governance
  • Go from Office 365 to Azure archive storage

Wherever your data is currently stored is not a problem, contact us to find out how we can help with our bespoke managed cloud migration.

With the power to apply sensitivity policies on documents during the migration so your confidential material stays that way and an inbuilt metadata system that will help you attach to documents during your migration. No other SharePoint migration system can apply these sensitivity labels, this is unique to Casper365.

We understand SharePoint inside out, your migration is in safe hands, fully backed by a team of SharePoint certified experts, using their years of experience to guide you through and make your migration simple, quick and painless.

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Over 1 million client files migrated to SharePoint Online including sensitivity labels and metadata – WOW!” JFDI

Casper365 is the only cloud migration platform you will ever need

  • Delegate the ability to migrate to end users
  • Annual subscriptions to suit every budget
  • Map your users to Office 365 identities during setup
  • Fully backed by SharePoint experts and support engineers

Your Casper365 Migration subscription allows you to be in complete control of your cloud migration plan, with the full backing of our experienced team ensuring you make the most of your migration and get your content in the right place, first time.

Helping you get into the cloud quickly and easily so that you can start using Microsoft 365’s full capabilities and empower your digital transformation.

Planning Portal makes life easier

Casper365 planning portal is designed to make planning as easy as possible. In the planning portal you can add what specific project you are looking to migrate to the cloud and then invite relevant stakeholders to that project. Giving you full control from the beginning of your migration project as to who has access to what.

Before you begin

View a pre-migration report outlining the migration content, size, metadata, labels and destinations. Use this to provide a summary to stakeholders on your cloud migration or gain approval before kick-off. You decide at what level you want to create this, whether this be at folder level or file level for more granular details.

Post migration

You will receive a complete report of all cloud migration activity, including source and destination. This will be delivered to you on an Excel format for easy consumption by Power BI.

Coming soon.


Fully backed by an experienced SharePoint support team

Delegated User Control

Allow users to create the sites they need exactly how they need them

Self Service

Users can click to deploy. No more IT support tickets to create a project site

Time- Saving

Deploy up to 60 times quicker. Fast, efficient and right every time


Same site every time. Consistent and compliant

Complex Solutions

Deployed with ease. No matter how complex the solution

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