Casper365 Enterprise is a monthly subscription package that gives you unlimited access to the Casper365 cloud platform, helping you with your SharePoint deployments without the need for code or expensive development work.

Deployment time reduced
Supported Users (approximately)
Casper365 for Projects - Dashboard - SharePoint Online Provisioning Service

Standard SharePoint navigation features ensure your project sites are in-keeping with the rest of your SharePoint environment making users feel instantly familiar.

Quick Links

Links to centralised PMO functions, libraries and lists. These include a centralised and searchable lessons log, project contacts and ideas station.


Use SharePoint’s inbuilt search features to find information you have access to across all of your projects.

Categorise your Projects

Make it easy to find the project you’re looking for.

Project Cards

Permission filtered project cards only show you the projects you have access to see.

Migrate data from file shares, SharePoint on premise and other Online services into Office 365

Create and deploy templates for consistent, accurate and approved SharePoint Site creation

Delegate the deployment of SharePoint sites to approve teams

Govern and Deploy complex SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams solutions


What do I get?

  • Access to the Casper365 self-service cloud platform
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Casper365 catologue, which includes templates for SharePoint Online and Teams
  • Casper365 for Projects, which includes a set of bespoke project templates and programme dashboard
  • Ability to replicate existing site collections for different teams or regions
  • Control and delegate user permissions
  • Users can deploy pre-approved templates in minutes
  • Casper365 for Projects, a set of bespoke project templates and Programme Dashboard for complete PMO oversight
  • Access to multiple tenancies with multiple deployments

Modern organisations are embracing that SharePoint is a business tool and understand to get the most out of its ownership this belongs to the whole business, not just IT. Using collaboration tools enable business users to deploy custom projects without calling IT, with template deployment that has built-in governance feature and delegate control users can manage the deployment of sites without the need for any code.

 The most successful businesses are in Office 365, ensure that are you harnessing the full potential with Casper365 Enterprise and empower your digital transformation!  

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Looking for templates?

Then our pre-configured and ready to use SharePoint Online templates from the Casper365 SharePoint, Teams or solution templates catalogue are what you need. Subscribe, delegate user permissions and then sit back and let the business use self-service to create their own SharePoint sites, Teams sites or solutions without any intervention from IT. We can provide an approvals process if that works best for you.

Want to replicate your SharePoint sites?

Already have a SharePoint template design and want to be able to use this to simply replicate for other teams or different region? These templates will be added to your bespoke Casper365 solution catalogue ready for users to deploy, however many times needed.

Coming soon.


Fully backed by an experienced SharePoint support team

Delegated User Control

Allow users to create the sites they need exactly how they need them

Self Service

Users can click to deploy. No more IT support tickets to create a project site

Time- Saving

Deploy up to 60 times quicker. Fast, efficient and right every time


Same site every time. Consistent and compliant

Complex Solutions

Deployed with ease. No matter how complex the solution

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