About Cartezia

Cartezia is a well-established UK based technology business builder and consultancy owned and managed by thought leader Dr Uday Phadke. Dr Phadke has been actively involved in the building of over 100 technology firms over the last 2 decades and is a well renowned and respected author of business strategy and scale-up books.

Cartezia has a deep understanding of markets, ecosystems, and value chains across Europe, North America and Asia, in Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas; Energy and Lighting; Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech; Media, Computing & Telecoms; Financial and Information Services and Government, Agencies and Academic Institutions. They draw on a deep technical and commercial expertise to synthesize innovative new products, services and solutions.

Triple Chasm Platform - Scale up assessment - SharePoint Online Provisioning solution deployed by Casper365
Triple Chasm Platform - Scale up assessment - SharePoint Online Provisioning solution deployed by Casper365

Business Cloud Integration

Developers of Casper365, Business Cloud Integration are a highly specialised SharePoint and Office 365 service provider in Cambridge, UK.

Business Cloud Integration partner with clients to guide them through the entire lifecycle of their SharePoint deployment; from initial guidance and Office 365 roadmap planning through to SharePoint design, build, development and training.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, they are committed to staying up to date with the latest Microsoft developments, releases and best practice guidance.


Following the success of the “Tigers, Camels and Unicorns” book which summarised Dr Phadke’s analytical approach and new methodology of measuring and guiding business growth there was great demand for a Scale-up manual and toolset. The Scale-up manual launched in November 2018 and prior to its launch, Cartezia entered into a partnership with Business Cloud Integration. This goal of the partnership was to develop and deploy a digital toolset to complement the books and allow businesses to assess, review and make directional business decisions.

The content – already endorsed by Microsoft’s Warwick Hill as “a unified toolkit which helps innovative companies to go beyond the start-up buzz and to scale-up systematically to become commercially successful enterprises” is powered by Casper365™ to leverage Office 365 investment and drive further adoption within the Office 365 toolset.


The Scale-up Manual analyses data from many points of view within a business and is a mentor guided programme of tools which were initially developed within Excel. The 50+ tools within the system needed to be individually analysed, developed and easily deployable to any organisation with an Office 365 tenancy.

The tooling needed to be easy to use, as well as provide individual assessment scoring, company wide scoring and gap analysis to highlight and allow business direction decision and planning.

The process is designed to be repeated and progress measured and so required a method of deployment of an entire solution each time an assessment was to be performed. Additionally, Assessments may be performed by different business units and each of these needed to be secured and governable.


With help and guidance from Business Cloud Integration and its Casper365 Office 365 and SharePoint automation platform the following was designed and deployed:

SharePoint Online – over 50 tools were created and deployed using advanced, custom developed SPFX webparts with data stored in security trimmed SharePoint Lists. The service is deployed on a subscription basis and so the data is stored locally, and the analysis tooling is accessed via API to active subscribers. The solution uses Managed Meta Data for multi-language support which is centrally managed and distributed via a Triple Chasm Office 365 Tenancy. Key to the success of the platform is both parity with the published material and a meaningful and seamless user experience which meant Business Cloud Integration needed to leverage much of the latest SharePoint Online tooling and custom development making sure all the time that the solution was re-deployable.

Casper365™ Portal – As the solution requires multi-tenant management the Casper365™ portal was used for the deployment of assessments as site collections within each client tenancy. In addition, the mentoring is delivered by Intervention Agencies and partners who each have a white labelled Casper365™ Office 365 automation portal to manage programmes, mentor external access and provide oversight by themselves. The Portal is co-branded and is used for each programme attendee to login to create each separate assessment tool.


The provision of “The Triple Chasm Model Platform” is being rolled out to hundreds of organisations in the UK in 2019, with programmes targeted to achieve government and global targets for business scale ups. Global roll out will shortly follow and the platform itself will be developed to train and support mentors worldwide.

The technology platform used means that company data can be anonymised and analysed to continue to further the research of the initial 400 companies used to develop the initial strategy by Dr Phadke and can provide extremely valuable insight as to business growth and innovation worldwide.

Following the mentored programme businesses can continue to subscribe to the platform and toolset to further drive SharePoint Online adoption and leverage their Office 365 investment.

Cartezia’s platform provides a unique, integrated collaboration and learning environment for growth businesses.

Uday Phadke, Chief Executive of CarteziaEmpowering the next generation of intervention support