SharePoint Online Provisioning with Casper365

Bespoke Solutions with Casper365

No two organisations are the same, tell us what your goals are and what projects you are working on, and our highly skilled SharePoint & Office 365 team can guide you to make these a reality however small or big. Working with you to get the full potential out of your systems and maximum engagement throughout your teams.

Competitive Day Rates

We offer competitive day rates for our project management, development and solution design services meaning we can create bespoke SharePoint solutions that match your exact needs and your budget. This can be used for a one-off deployment, full project scoping and management as well as repeat SharePoint Online provisioning templates. We will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your digital transformation however big or small.

Our Team are your Team

You can access our team of experts as a permanent part of your IT team or as a lifeline for when things don’t quite go as planned. The types of support can be handpicked and quoted to match your organisation’s support needs.

Office 365 covers many workloads and finding, employing, and keeping skilled support resources with a blend of skills in these areas can be an expensive overhead for any size of organisation. Our team of skilled Developers, Solutions Architects, Trainers, Business Analysts, and Project support team are here to support you when you need it.

There is no other platform like Casper365, find out how it can help you empower your digital transformation today!

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Fully backed by an experienced SharePoint support team

Delegated User Control

Allow users to create the sites they need exactly how they need them

Self Service

Users can click to deploy. No more IT support tickets to create a project site

Time- Saving

Deploy up to 60 times quicker. Fast, efficient and right every time


Same site every time. Consistent and compliant

Complex Solutions

Deployed with ease. No matter how complex the solution

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